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This three-part programme over six days provides the most complete leadership training for the Leadership Sculptor approach. This process is enhanced through each participant’s practical leadership development project which also helps the organisation to move forward.

This two-day programme equips leaders with the tools they need to put their teams on a path to high performance. We can also tailor it, if all the leaders are from the same organisational unit.

Depending on your participants, we are experienced in tailoring leadership programmes at various levels in the organisation to match their needs.

We provide a variety of courses tailored to your need, from one to three days.

A conflict within a group or between groups slows down research and causes disruption — We can help them to resolve it and get back to being productive.

Poor writing costs precious time and even more nerves. In different formats, we equip students with the skills to produce drafts that save their supervisor’s time and nerves.


Coaching / Career Planning

This three-month intensive coaching programme, mainly for leaders in their first five years, is tailored to accelerate their development through meeting the main challenge they face.

This six-month intensive coaching programme, mainly for leaders in their first ten years, is tailored to help them build on their proven track record and expand their influence and strategic approach.

This twelve-month coaching programme, also available on a retainer basis, is tailored to experienced executive-level leaders facing organisational opportunities or challenges and who seek an experienced sounding board or sparring partner.

A twelve-month programme to support teams that are reaching for aggressive goals.

Org Dev

Organisational Development

We facilitate retreats for leadership research teams focusing on improving team coherence, strategy alignment and performance.

We facilitate retreats for research teams that focus on improving team spirit and performance.

Your leaders want to develop a new strategy for the organisation — and want to be able just to focus on the content. We provide them with a process tailored to their needs for this.

Retreats for larger organisational units that need to reconnect, realign and move forward.

A conflict within or between your groups slows down research and causes disruption — we can help them to resolve it and get back to being productive.

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