Conflict in the Comfort Zone


Not addressing conflicts is just as much a part of research as designing experiments or analysing data. In my experience, most researchers hope the conflicts will resolve themselves. Magically. Which they almost never do.
That is unfortunate since, for most of us, dealing with conflict lies in our panic zone, beyond even our stretch zone. If that’s the case for you, one long-term strategy is to work on various challenges in your stretch zone. This serves to grow your comfort zone over time and push the boundaries of your stretch zone. 
Expanding your comfort zone brings the day closer to addressing the conflicts in your team, with your colleagues, or with the administration. 
Once you are ready to “stretch” to address a conflict and are not sure how the very first step is simply to say, we have an issue that we need to address. To mix metaphors, the first step is to acknowledge and name the elephant in the room. More steps to follow.

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