The Importance of Clear Values

Ubuntu -the importance of clear values

Well selected, a team’s values improve cohesion and productivity. They guide our behaviour, so we know what to expect from each other. Poorly selected, a team’s value cultivate cynicism because they are divorced from daily work, and make the leader look inauthentic. And in too many teams they are poorly selected.
To avoid this, select values that support the team working towards your vision and reflect how you like to work. You can see Leadership Sculptor’s values on our website.
Having a clear set of values guides team members in their decision – making, especially when you’re not available to support them. 
For example, earlier this year, one of our trainers noticed that equipment had been set up to record the workshop without anyone’s permission. Since one of our workshop rules is, what happens in the room stays in the room, they refused to continue the training until the issue was clarified. This potential recording went against two of our core values, Ubuntu (one aspect of which is to hold a safe space for working) and Professional (one aspect of which is to act ethically and with integrity).

What values does your team work by? 

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