Our Base, St. Anthony’s

Apple Tart

The one thing CJ’s grandmothers could agree on — apart from how to make the perfect apple tart — was, if you lose something and you pray to St. Anthony, he will help you find it. As a small child, CJ nodded in agreement to this, since there was often a slice of perfect apple tart to celebrate the find.

In 2019, we moved the company to Wilhelm Baden Haus in Meckesheim, near Heidelberg, which had been a Catholic church, Heiliger Antonius, in earlier years. So we rechristened the building to St. Anthony’s — what could be a more appropriate name for a meeting place for researchers than one dedicated to finding things, to making discoveries!

Now we just need to rediscover the long-lost recipe for the perfect apple tart! If you think you have found it, send it in and Daphne will make the tart.

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