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Website Launch

Finally! Here at Leadership Sculptor we are pleased to announce that our new website is live! 
Our original website was developed at a time when Leadership Sculptor was CJ, Daphne, Melanie, and Billy (who has recently reached emeritus status). Over the last 10 years, we have grown considerably and have taken the time to reflect that in our website.

This is an exciting step in becoming even more mission aligned – Developing R&D leaders to achieve better scientific breakthroughs. We hope the new look will make it easier for a new generation of science leaders to build their leadership futures on a thriving planet.
Our new website is designed by Denise Cords and the graphics come from our own highly talented Henni Blatz. It not only provides information about us, our mission, our values, and how we can help you with our services, but more importantly, it allows us to better communicate with an entire community looking to build their leadership profile.

Come visit us at:
Link for Denis Cords:
Link for Henni Blatz: Lettering & Visualisierung | Hbcreates

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